• Inspirational card swap | cards received

    A while back I joined the inspirational card swap for the 3rd time. Here you can see the cards I made. The reason it took so long to write the post is because my package got lost. We waited for months but the cards never showed. Happily Jessica send me some doubles she had left and a few artists were glad to send me some extras too. In the end, I received enough cards for a new deck. I’m very grateful for all the artists who made doubles with the first batch and also grateful for the artists who not only made new cards but also added nice extras (a note, a card, craft material) too. I feel blessed!

    It would be too much work to photograph them all,Β so I decided to pick a few randomly and show them to you. I’m not sure if everyone would feel comfortableΒ with their name being shared in public so… a call to all the swap artists: if you recognize your card and you would love me to share your name + blog below, let me know. πŸ™‚

    5-1-van-7 5-2-van-7 5-3-van-7 5-4-van-7 5-5-van-7 5-7-van-7

  • Inspirational card swap | my cards

    It has been 3 years since I joined the Inspirational card swap. I don’t know why I didn’t join previous years…busy times I guess? A coincidence brought me back to Jessica’s project. Right on time, I reached the deadline for group 2. In this post I will share pictures of my cards. In a next post, I will share some cards I’ve received from the other artists.





    Read more:
    Jesssica’s website if you’re thinking about joining next time
    This is the first time I joinedΒ (in 2012! wow!)
    Have a peek at my first received deck πŸ™‚
    And this is the second time I’ve joined. (2013)

  • [Art journal] Awesome jar & Seeds of Love

    I’ve finished 2 things last week. First of all, my awesome jar! It’s inspired by Tamara Laporte’s tutorial in Lifebook 2015, mixed up with some techniques of my own. I’ll use this jar to keep track of all the good memories in 2015 and reread them on New Year’s Eve.

    Second, I finished an art journal page. This page is called “Seeds of Love”, again this is from Lifebook tutorial by Tamara Laporte. Every leaf represents a loved one. Their names are written down on the leaves but I’ve used a little too much paint on it, so now they are hidden.
    It seems very obvious, Tam is becoming one of my new favorite art journal teachers. At first I was thinking she only paints whimsi’s (not true btw). And while whimsical art is not really my thing, I’ve learned so much the last few weeks… so yeah, actually it doesn’t matter which art style you have or love, as long you have fun and learn some things, right? 
    In case you think about joining Lifebook: please do! You can still sign-up if you want, there are members who are just getting started and there are no deadlines. Know that I’m a little behind too… and that’s not a bad thing! If you wish to read more about Lifebook, take a look at Tam’s website.
    Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
  • The end of a blog break + creative update

    It has been a long time since my last update here. I decided to take a break from weekly blogging and try to find some focus instead.

    Well that didn’t work.

    After many months of having a drawing block, I finally took my sketchbook and start drawing again. I still struggle with it, even with a whole new set of pencils. But yeah, I’ll try to keep the practice so I guess it will go better from here. Maybe start my 100 portraits challenge again, something I also tried several years ago.

    So what have I been doing all those months? Focus? It actually went the other way around. I’ve been painting, crafting, cooking, photographing & writing {+ a dozen of other things}. If you can’t choose, pick them all, right? Take a look:

    Remember Jackie, my cute little jackdaw? In spring, I wrote an article about him for Dreamtime magazine. Seeing his picture in a magazine made me smile like a child with a lollipop. Seriously.

    Photography. If my camera wasn’t so heavy I would take it anywhere, anytime. I took too many pictures to share them all so here’s one of my best of summer.

    You know what I like most about my boyfriends tattoo shop? When the sun’s out, we are too! We take our stuff and paint outdoors {next to the shop} while tourists stare at us. At first I didn’t like all those curious eyes but after a while I got used to it. 10 points for not getting nervous! (Work in progress)

    I finished another bodhrΓ‘n design. The sketch was easy… the painting, not so. Do you know this common problem when a sketch looks better than the finished work? Well, that. Besides that little detail, I’m still happy with the result. It could be worse. I didn’t screw up for example, which is a big hooray.

    Tattoo scribbles! Water color designs to be exact. I can’t wait to see someone tattooed with one of my designs…for that to happen I actually should start a portfolio. (Which is also a work in progress) The first design of many to come.

    I’ve also made some new bracelets! These are from the Goddess series, stretch bracelets with gemstones. All natural. You can find them in my Etsy shop here.

    On the schedule {To keep the fire going}
    – As I said, I’ve started drawing again. This must will be a regular from now on.
    – I’ve been obsessed with filofaxing lately. I’ve bought my first (cheap) planner to get started until my dream filofax can be found (bright purple personal saffiano, anyone who sells his/hers?)
    – Art journaling. Oh so many ideas, so little time. But I’ll promise I’ll share some new work soon!
    – Finish those owl paintings (yes there are actually 2 of those)
    – Eh, maybe I should finish all the works in progress. I hope I’m not the only one in Bloggerland with a huge procrastination towards finishing some work!

    So far for the creative update. πŸ™‚ Soon I’ll make some more blog changes so things can get a little wonky here. Feel free to share some of your work in a link below – it has been a long time since I visited artistic blog friends so it would be nice to come by and say hello.

  • Inspiration card swap (Second edition)

    Last year in March I’ve joined a inspiration card swap for the first time. Here you can see the making of my cards and here the cards I’ve received from 52 different artists. In December I joined the swap again and used different techniques to create my cards:

    Materials used are: a 52 playing cards deck, paper towels, quotes printed out on red paper, acrylics, red ink and neo green spray paint. This is the deck I received with one of my own cards included:

    I’m thinking about publishing a card every now and then and give credit to the artist, so you can get to know them too. With 2 decks, I now have a total of 104 different pieces of artwork and this is how they look like all together, first and second edition:

    I’ve done many swaps now, creative and non-creative and I want to encourage ever reader of trying it out too. I think duo swaps, especially if you know each other (from blogging or even real life) can be this much fun too so if you are in for a swap like this one, let me know! 

    Interesting links:
    In Search of Dessert (the swap organizer)
    A Desire to Inspire (based on the idea in this book)

  • HeArt Exchange gift II: Received

    In my last post I’ve shared with you what I have created for my swap partner for the HeArt Exchange. And this week I have received a gift too!

    This art is created by Heather. She doesn’t have blog (yet?) but you can visit her Flickr to see some of her work. So what exactly did I receive? Everything was packed in a envelop, with a nice quote (right bottom) and beautiful handwriting. On the left you can see metal frames which I can use for tiny pictures, quotes or mixed media. Above those you can see 2 round pendants and a bag. She used those to pack everything.. can you imagine how a mixed media package looks like? I loved it already. πŸ™‚ Inside I found those frames and in another one the square pendants: Heart & Fly Away.

    And what a coincidence. (Naa… I don’t believe in coincidence lol ;)) Before Heather have read my blogpost about Jackie, she already created the pendant with the bird. I have waited to share the story of Jack a week or so, so yes… Jack was already here when she was thinking about my gift. Isn’t that wonderful! Total synchronicity!

    I’m grateful for having this swap with Heather. It was nice to get to know each other and create a piece of art made with love. To me, her style is deeply inspiring. Heather, when you read this:
    Thank you so much! <3

  • HeArt Exchange gift II: The making of…

    A couple of weeks ago I’ve created a gift for the HeArt Exchange. My swap partner has received her gift so now I can show you what it was! I’ve send her a travel heart and a mixed media painting:

    Used materials: paper, acrylics, copper paint and gesso.
    The first layer is made with blue paint and pieces of paper. The second layer is covered with lots of gesso and a  heart cut out of paper. Once done, I removed the heart and let the painting dry. I added a finishing touch with copper, to accentuate the texture.

    And that’s all. πŸ™‚

  • Inspiration cards: 52 artists.

    Today I am blessed with very delicious mail art:
    52 inspiration cards
    from 52 artists all over the world.

    This is a part of the inspiration card swap, organised by Jess, who was inspired by the book “Desire to Inspire“. For this project everyone who joined, had to create 52 inspiring cards and send them to Jess, so she could create new decks with other cards and ship a deck back.

    Aren’t they beautiful?

    Click here if you want to see my work in progress.
    Or visit Jess her blog to see the person behind the project.
    The artists of the images above are: Grace, Dale Anne & Deedee Forrester 
  • Inspiration cards swap (the making of)

    2 weeks ago, I mentioned an inspiration card swap in my gratitude post. And yesterday, I finally shipped my self-made cards to Jess, who have organized this swap. It will take some time for her to make new decks and ship them back to every artist who have joined, but for now – I can show you the making of my own cards:

    The first layer. As you can see, it was our task to use playing cards and paint them over.
    Layer 2 drying. After that I was painting the backside. As finishing touch I added more colors on the front:
    And a close-up:
    Every week I will put some of the cards online, not all of them at the same time to keep it a surprise for those who have joined the swap. When everyone have their new deck, you can watch all my cards at my Tumblr blog.
  • Mail art peek

    Last week I’ve made some mixed media mail cards. I believe most people have received their mail art, so now I can finally show a close-up. πŸ™‚

    Used materials: Paper, old bookpages, bistre pigment, acryllics.