[Ever After] The little mermaid and Snow White

I’m waaaaay behind with Ever After. I struggle with answering all the prompts (I’m in module 2) and struggle with copying. Yup that’s what we need to do first. We need to copy all the lessons, trying it ALL out so to speak and make notes on what we like and what we dislike. I like watching the video’s. I like the teachers. Their style. But I dislike copying and trying to make something my own which is not really my cup of tea. I know I’m stubborn (you probably know too, if you have read one of my latest blogposts) so I really do my best on following the lessons even if my soul screams: Nooo make it your own! It takes patience not to skip everything and goย straight to the last lesson in which you have to make something in your own style. (Thinking about that now, that scares me even more than copying!)


This piece is for the first lesson in Ever After. It’s called “The little mermaid” and I probably don’t need to tell you who’s the teacher. (Spoiler: Tamara Laporte, Duh!) It took me a while to get over the whole ‘not being good enough’- fear but there you go. Once I got started, it was easy to continue the work. Until I had to finish the background and the animals. It was as if I forgot everything I’ve learned so far and had to re-do it all over. What I liked most about this work? Her belly. Actually the whole torso with bikini. I wish I could frame this part of the painting and leave out the rest haha!


And this beautiful lady is Snow white. A lesson by Annie Hamman. I’ve started to follow Annie very recently. If I’m correct, the first video I saw of her was a collaboration piece with her daughter. (I looked it up and yes, week 4 ‘Fearless art” in Lifebook 2016) I had difficulties with making the same collage like Annieย so instead I used a different portrait picture. And somehow my own mixed black color, turned out kinda green? Not sure what I did wrong there but I was able to save her dress with black acrylics (no more color blending… I mean, what if she turned yellow?!) It has been years since I painted a portrait with acrylics. Since high school, maybe? It’s not perfect and my skills need lots of improving… but I guess patience is my priority here. Everything gets better with enough patience, right?

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